February 5, 2011 is the band's birthday and the band was originally almost exclusively metalcore-influenced. They later developed many "progressive", "djent" and even "pop" and "disco" elements. For this reason they call it "alternative metalcore". The music itself as it's presented is constantly changing and evolving, but one aspect is always preserved, as it is sought after. The easiness, with which the songs can be perceived by larger audiences, so that they are neither too heavy nor too straight, but engulf the listener within them with at times almost "popish" melodies and seek to paint pictures and actions in his imagination, using the ultimate instrument for the job - emotion. As the saying goes - the purpose of art is to make you feel. As a young band they actively participate in concerts mainly in the capital city, but tend to travel around the country too. In early 2012 they made a 5 month break from participation in order to produce two tracks, the first of which saw the light of day on the 13th of September of that same year, when the band was invited to open a concert for the more experienced Sofia-based band "O.H.". The occasion was the issue of their second album and so the show was very well attended. This released track is called "Don't Back Down" and was accompanied by (apparently) Bulgaria's first lyrical video, which, despite the lack of any advertising, managed to reach by word of mouth quite a lot of metalcore fans in the country. In March 2013 the band entered the studio to record their first album single titled "A Former Life", which premiered at the end of May. Latest news (achievements) around the band include being invited to open for the two most legendary Bulgarian hardcore bands - Last Hope and Vendetta on the release party for their split-album, playing the "Spirit of Burgas" festival and reaching the number one spot on radio Tangra's "Tuborg Top 40" chart with "A Former Life". Presently however, the band functions without two of its original members - Stefan Kuzmanov (guitar) and Ivaylo Sarandev (bass), who decided to leave the formation for other musical and social endeavors. Thanks to this change in the band's line-up, TBD was able to add a brand new member - Dennis, known from the bands: Just, Psycho Might Go, Fyeld and the electronic project Abysmatic. Experienced musician, guitar and keyboard player and also skilled in the art of music programming, Dennis has already started contributing to the evolving djent/alternative/ambient sound of TBD. The latest addition to the band’s lines is Martinez, whose killer bass playing significantly enhanced and tightened the overall band’s sound. Known for his participation in the bands CF, Psycho Might Go, Enthrallment and Taking Heed, and being an old friend of the band Martinez fitted TBD perfectly and not only musically, but also at interpersonal level. With him on the bass, adding the extra groove and punch the band needed, and with all five pieces finally in place, TBD is currently working on the recordings for their debut, self-produced EP, that should be released in 2015.